CLAN CRAWFORD ASSOCIATION -- [Scroll down for more] The charges shown below were filed by the California State Attorney General's Office in 2015 for actions conducted by then Clan Crawford Association VP Charlotte Joanne Crawford for acts outside of Association business, no less in her professional conduct. The 3 causes for action against her professional license demonstrate a definite lack of conscience (sociopath) and unfitness to be an officer in Clan Crawford Association. Before she could be removed from office she stole the corporate identity and financial accounts, via a pattern of similar "gross unprofessional" behavior exposed in the California action, by flagrant violation of the Corporate By-Laws. I know this is fact because I wrote the By-Laws to prevent a self-absorbed ego-maniac from seizing Association assets to pay her personal legal fees. Also, information was withheld from the membership that the Association Treasurer refused to account to the President for expenditures in the Netherlands for genealogy work authorized by the other VP Raymond Crawfurd, another violation of the By-Laws that I wrote.

If, after reading the charges against Joanne C. Crawford, PhD (no kidding, a research degree from Mexico to conduct clinical work in the USA is a fraud against all academic degrees -- sounds like a TV primetime sitcom joke! [Two and a Half Men]), self-anointed "Acting" President of Clan Crawford Association, you think she did nothing wrong, then you are invited, even encouraged, to join the membership of the Association. As they say, "BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER." In defining Clan Crawford, as will be done in the future, it is best to know where individuals stand in terms of moral character. The California charges could not be more definitive of the present (2016-17) configuration of Clan Crawford Association and will be used to disqualify participants in events required by the Lyon Court because Lyon's position on the California charges is already known from my personal conversation with him at Utah Scotfest in June, 2016.

Pursuant to most competent advice from Lord Lyon provided, a new Clan Crawford organization will be organized based on common ethical principles. You will no longer be placed in a position of feeling exploited for your Association dues. An email address will be placed here for more information just as soon as the account is established. I'm not sure how long that will be since I am still recovering from a series of heart attacks I had while trying to civilize the Association former VP's inexcusable insane communications with the Lyon Court representative, Yvonne Holton, in summer 2015. Their manipulating and bellicose behavior was nothing short of unbelievable.